Our Testimonials

Reda Guebert – Guest Cloud Nine Food Tours

“We had a wonderful experience! Food and drinks were excellent at all the restaurants – and there was plenty of both! We’ve already spread the word about how much fun it was. Thank you!”

Anne Croy, Pastry Chef at Pastaria

“I had a very enjoyable and informative visit to Cielo and Blood & Sand. The opportunity to visit with other members of the tour about food in St. Louis was a bonus!”

Anne J. Barthel – Editorial, New York

“As soon as we stepped into Bar les Freres, I knew that our Culinary Tour was going to be magical, and it was: a one-of-a-kind chance to luxuriate in the tastes, sights, and atmosphere of Clayton’s great restaurants and to meet the people who make it all happen. I was amazed at the warmth and graciousness of the restaurateurs who opened their doors to us and gave us a peek behind the scenes. Thank you so much for a day I’ll remember every time I use my fabulous StL Culinary Tours tote bag!”

Moira Ross – PLUM Vintage Rentals and Design

“We love to eat out, try new places, and discover hidden gems – and this tour had it all. We will be booking another tour again, and soon!”

Jennifer Johnson – Beverage Reporter for FEAST Magazine

“One of the best bonuses in life is knowing someone who lived in Paris who can tell you exactly what to go and experience. StLCulinary Tours is that friend in St. Louis, and what’s better is that you get to personally meet the movers and shakers in the culinary industry who make our city’s progressive food culture so great. It’s delicious, it’s cool, it’s inspiring.”

Ligaya Figueras – Food & Dining Editor

“You want to feel like a VIP at a five-star restaurant? STL Culinary Tours is a foodie experience like none other.”

Matt Sorrell – Freelance Writer and Bartender About Town

“I was lucky enough to participate in one of STL Culinary Tours adventures recently and I found it to be the perfect way for epicures to get to the heart of a neighborhood and find out what makes it special from a culinary perspective. Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or just someone with a bit of cuisine curiosity, embarking on a jaunt with STL Culinary Tours is guaranteed to satisfy your appetites.”

Nina Furstenau – Food Journalism Professor, MU and Freelance Food Writer

“What a relaxing and delicious day we had with St. Louis Culinary Tours. All the details were taken care of–all that was required was to sip and savor the flavors of St. Louis. It was an amazing, warm, and generous insider’s view of what top chefs and wine experts have to offer. A wonderful way to treat yourself and a friend–or three!”